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Clinical Insight

Welcome to Clinical Insight, your source for the latest insights and reflections from our multidisciplinary team. Delve into our collection of articles and case studies to stay informed about the latest developments in musculoskeletal care and healthcare practices.

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What is Clinical Insight?

“Clinical Insight is the name that we have given to the thought leadership pieces, reflections and cases that we share externally and learn from internally as a clinical service.

We’ve made a commitment, as a team, to sharing insight each week. It might be promoting best practice, or educating through case reflections. Sometimes it might be a challenge, or a call to arms.

We start by sharing stories with one another and exchanging our views on important topics within our service. This promotes better care internally.

I believe we then have a clinical responsibility to share best practice externally through knowledge exchange. We as clinicians have a responsibility to develop and share critical thinking within all forms of practice models that we use when we work with patients, or build reflective portfolios.

We want to be using this forum to promote multidisciplinary practice because we believe it’s the right approach to rehabilitation, and delivers the best outcomes for the patient.

Crucially, the patient voice is threaded throughout Clinical Insight. This is really important to challenging and improving how we approach service design within all of our professions, as we help patients move forward in their care.

We want to give the patient voice the opportunity to sit centrally within our conversations as clinicians. It’s about learning from the actual lived experience that a patient brings; the patient voice should inform every aspect of all that we do.

I’m grateful to the team for providing thought-provoking content; to our patients for their invaluable insight; and to our readers, for engaging with us.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection.”

  • Dr. Neil Langridge, Clinical and Rehabilitation Services
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Clinical Insight is a weekly item that we publish with contributions from our MDT team.

Posts include cases of the week, patient reflections, treatment reflections, opinion pieces, research reflections, reflections on the profession, and thought leadership pieces.

We advocate for multidisciplinary practice because we believe it’s the right approach & delivers best outcomes for patients. Crucially, the patient voice is interwoven into Clinical Insight, informing every aspect of our discussions and guiding our practices.

Ultimately, our aim is to:

  • Promote best practice
  • Share thought leadership
  • Educate through case studies
  • Support education in practice

You can get the latest Clinical Insight online via our Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Clinical Insight is also sent fortnightly via our newsletter.

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