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Newborn Feeding Clinic

Free breastfeeding support clinic open Monday afternoons. Designed for individuals who are exclusively breastfeeding or practicing mixed feeding with their babies up to 8 weeks of age. We provide guidance on positioning and comfort to support you and your baby's feeding journey.

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About us

Our Newborn Feeding Clinic Team

The Feeding Clinic team comprises a student midwife supervised by a qualified midwife, along with final-year chiropractic interns supervised by a qualified chiropractor with pediatric experience. Our team offers advice on positioning and comfort, ensuring a supportive environment for mothers and babies.

We collaborate closely with health visitors and midwives. If you know a breastfeeding mother who could benefit from our clinic, please encourage them to contact us directly to schedule an appointment.

What Happens on Your Visit?

During your visit, with your consent, a student midwife and chiropractic student will take a comprehensive history of your pregnancy, birth, and any feeding concerns you may have. You will have the opportunity to breastfeed your baby while the student midwife provides individual support. This may be followed by an examination of your baby by a chiropractic student, who will offer advice on posture and positioning to aid breastfeeding. The consultation is supervised by experienced clinic tutors in midwifery and chiropractic and typically lasts one to two hours. The chiropractor and midwife, where appropriate, may offer advice to enhance your positioning and comfort.

As we are a teaching clinic, there will be one student midwife and a midwifery tutor present in the room with you. Additionally, there may be a chiropractic student and a chiropractic tutor present at times. If you feel uncomfortable about the number of individuals present, please inform us. We strive to provide the utmost support and assistance tailored to your needs.

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The Newborn Feeding Clinic is open on Monday afternoons as run in collaboration with Bournemouth University’s midwifery department.

To book an appointment please complete our enquiry form or call the clinic

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