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Open Upright MRI

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Open Upright MRI facility. We aim to provide a comfortable and efficient experience for our patients. Discover the benefits of our Open Upright MRI and explore our range of services.

Clinician reading an image of a brain scan during an MRI

Benefits of Open Upright MRI

Our Open Upright MRI machine offers numerous advantages. Ask your GP or healthcare professional for a referral today.

Unlike conventional tunnel scanners, which take images of you lying down, our MRI scanner is completely open, allowing for a more comfortable experience.

“The open design of these machines can help reduce the feeling of being enclosed, making it easier for patients to see their surroundings. This greater visibility can contribute to a sense of ease and reduce anxiety in your experience” – Matthew Southam, Clinical Imaging Lead at AECC UC

Unlike traditional MRI machines, our Open Upright MRI has a modular design that can be adapted to you. Whether you’re dealing with claustrophobia, anxiety, or mobility concerns, we prioritise your comfort by offering various scanning positions. From sitting to lying down, we ensure you feel in control throughout the process.

“We aim to fit the equipment around the patient, not the patient into the machine. This personalised approach not only enhances your comfort but also optimises image quality for precise diagnoses.” – Debbie Horne, MRI Radiographer


We are able to scan a much wider variety of positions, including weight bearing, which can demonstrate additional issues with joints. By simulating real-life conditions, these scans provide a comprehensive evaluation of musculoskeletal issues, ensuring accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. Whether it’s assessing spinal conditions or joint health, our innovative technology delivers unparalleled insights into your health.



With our efficient service, you’ll receive high-quality reports within a week of your scan, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health sooner. Plus, we accept referrals from all registered healthcare professionals, ensuring seamless access to our cutting-edge imaging services.

Patient in the open upright MRI machine at AECC UC

About Us

Short Wait Times and Efficient Service

We prioritise your time and health:

  • Appointments within 7-14 days
  • Full report within one week of your scan
  • No need for additional consultations; we accept referrals from all registered healthcare professionals

If you seek immediate appointments and quick results, our highly trained team is here for you.

Open and Upright MRI – A Unique Experience

Join the limited number of patients benefiting from one of only 7 Open Upright MRIs in the UK. Unlike traditional tunnel scanners, our Open Upright MRI allows for a more comfortable experience, catering to individuals with mobility issues or anxiety.

*feel free to speak to our team to discuss individual needs

Clinicians – Enhance Your Clinical Offer

Boost the efficiency and capabilities of your practice:

  • Direct referral to our Open Upright MRI
  • Fast access to one of only 7 Open Upright MRIs in the UK
  • Quick turnarounds on imaging and reports
MRI scan of a spine


All scans at £395 per body part.

We offer a full range of MRI scans, including:

  • Lumbar, Cervical, and Thoracic spine
  • Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, and Hands
  • Knees, Foot, and Ankle
  • Brain


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How to Book

Clinicians: We accept referrals from all registered health care professionals. Please complete our MRI referral form and send via Egress.

Patients: If you’re looking for a referral please speak to your GP, or HCP about us, or contact us for an assessment.

Man sitting in MRI machine

Preparing for an MRI?

Find out more about what to expect, and even take a virtual tour of our MRI, so you know what to expect before you visit.

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How To Refer

We accept referrals from all registered health care professionals. Please complete our MRI referral form and send via Egress.


We use the secure emailing system Egress to receive referrals to all our imaging services. You will need an Egress account to register with us. To create an account please visit the egress website.

More information on how to refer

You can also contact us for help during business hours via the methods below:

t: 01202 436503

Open: Monday to Friday: 8.45am – 5pm

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