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Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

The Integrated Rehabilitation Centre provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation services to the community, with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in MSK Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, exercise classes, health testing, performance testing and more.

Exterior of the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre
wide angle interior shot of the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

From our new £4.5m state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre, we offer the widest range of clinical and rehabilitation services, in Dorset and the surrounding area.

With supportive 1:1, circuit, and group-based rehabilitation, run by a multidisciplinary team of physios, sports-rehabilitators, neurological physios and performance specialists, Wherever you are with your health, we have the expertise to identify the right care for you and to deliver care that will help you get back to doing what you love most.

  • 746 square metre building
  • Nine large consultation rooms
  • Large multi-zoned physical rehabilitation space
  • Wide outdoor spaces
  • Access to other departments onsite including, MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound

About the IRC

Multizoned Rehabilitation Space

We offer a multiple service experience in our new £4.5m state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre, with supportive 1:1, circuit, and group-based rehabilitation. Wherever you are with your health, we have the expertise to identify the right care for you and to deliver care that will help you get back to doing what you love most.

Reach your Personal Potential

The focus of all the rehabilitation treatment that takes place at the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre is about reaching potential. The outcomes of this will vary from person to person: it might be helping a disabled patient to get out of a chair unaided; or enabling a breathless patient to walk down the road; or even supporting an elite athlete getting to the Olympics.

Multidisciplinary Team

With a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced healthcare professionals across a wide range of clinical disciplines, we are uniquely positioned to provide truly multidisciplinary health care solutions.

Our team are dedicated to treating people as individuals and not for their conditions. We believe in collaborative multidisciplinary solutions and making sure no-one falls through the cracks to be left fending for themselves.

We believe in making sure that patients are always be supported, to navigate options that are available and to take control of their health. With the wide range of expertise and facilities we have all on one site, we are confident we can find solutions for even the most complex cases.

Location and Opening Times

We are currently open 08:30am – 5:00pm

You can find the IRC opposite the main AECC building on Parkwood Road. Our Address is:

28 Parkwood Rd

Vice Chancellor Lesley Haig at the topping out ceremony for the IRC

Dorset LEP

The new multi-million-pound state of the art facilities were enabled by a £2.7 million ‘Getting Building Fund’ grant funding allocation by Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), with AECC University College providing additional funding towards the cost of the facilities and suite of courses and services that will be available.

Dorset LEP secured £11.8 million of the government’s Getting Building Fund in 2020, set up in response to the economic challenges of the pandemic. The new facility at AECC University College is one of nine projects supported by Dorset LEP through this fund.

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Rehabilitation Services

Find out more about the clinical and rehabilitation services that we run from the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Sports Rehabilitator taking patients through a group exercise routine

Find the right class for you. Our classes are designed and led by experienced clinicians dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a friendly, approachable, and inclusive environment.

Female patient teaching an elderly patient squat technique involving a weighted ball

1:1 assessments and supported rehab aided by high-level expertise in neurological physiotherapy. Get specialist support and rehabilitation planning in our state-of-the-art Integrated Rehabilitation Centre.

physiotherapist showing his patient MOT results

Learn where you currently sit on the health spectrum and take proactive steps to improve your well-being. Our assessments help identify indications for various health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and stress, providing valuable insights into your medium to long-term health prospects.

patient using the Anti-Gravity treadmill

Walk or run with reduced body weight, minimising strain on your joints and muscles. Ideal if you’re recovering from lower limb injuries, or undergoing neurological rehabilitation.


How can you get referred to the IRC?

Anyone can book in for an initial assessment or to use our services. Plus, we have several qualified health practitioners, GPs and various health organisations who sign-post and refer patients to use our services.

Does the IRC accept private health insurance?

This is something we are looking into and something we would very much like to offer in the future. But currently this is not available.

Do you have contracts with the NHS?

Currently we have several contracts with the NHS including; Ultrasound, MRI and NHS Health Checks. Additionally members our physiotherapy team are in the local primary care network working from GPs as First Contact Practitioners.

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