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X-Ray Clinic

Visit our modern digital X-ray department for high quality imaging, and fast turnarounds on reports. No GP referral required. If you’re in need of a quick turnaround, our friendly radiology team are here to help.

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Services & Pricing

We offer X-rays for all areas of the body via the use of state-of-the-art digital radiography and we offer excellent quality images at low radiation doses.

Internal Referral (referred via AECC UC clinician)

  • First area: £50
  • Additional areas: £50 each

External Referral

  • First area: £105
  • Additional areas: £105 each
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How to Book

Clinicians: We accept referrals from all registered health care professionals. Please complete our MRI referral form and send via Egress.

Patients: If you’re looking for a referral please speak to your GP, or HCP about us, or contact us for an assessment.

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About Us

Short wait times

We guarantee appointments within 7-14 days and we make sure you receive a full report within one week of your appointment, if not earlier.

We understand the urgent need many of our patients have for imaging. If you’re looking to get an appointment right away and not have to wait long for your results, our highly trained team can put you at ease.

No GP Referral Required

We accept referrals from all registered health care professionals, meaning there’s no need for you to get a GP appointment first.

Whether you’ve been referred by one of our onsite clinical departments, from an external health care professional, we can support your needs.

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Clinicians – Enhance your Clinical Offer

Improve the efficiency and capabilities of your practice, with direct referral to our X-Ray clinic.

Get fast access for your patients to our state-of-the-art digital X-ray suite, and gain quick turnarounds on imaging and reports.

If your patient is interested in attending as soon as possible and at a highly competitive price, please get in touch.

Supporting the Future Workforce

Our highly skilled X-ray team support students at AECC University College with placement and shadowing opportunities. As such, your scan, or part of your scan, may be completed by a student under supervision from one of our qualified specialists – if you have any questions regarding this please contact us, or ask the booking team when they make your appointment.

Hear from Our Patients

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How To Refer

We accept referrals from all registered health care professionals. Please complete our X-Ray referral form and send via Egress.


We use the secure emailing system Egress to receive referrals to all our imaging services. You will need an Egress account to register with us. To create an account please visit the egress website.

You can also contact us for help during business hours via the methods below:

e: xrayreferrals@aecc.ac.uk
t: 01202 436503

Open: Monday to Friday: 8.45am – 5pm

More information on how to refer

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