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Pilates Reformer

Book Pilates Reformer at AECC UC. Arrange for a 1-2-1 with a member of our rehabilitation team and transform your workout in our state of the art Integrated Rehabilitation Centre.

young woman performing stretches on an elevated exercise frame
young woman performing stretches on an elevated exercise frame

What is Pilates Reformer?

Pilates Reformer is an apparatus-based form of Pilates, focusing on slow, low-impact movements to enhance posture, flexibility, strength, and coordination. Whether you’re seeking general fitness, rehabilitation, or improved body awareness, Pilates Reformer offers a holistic approach to exercise.

Transform Your Workout

Experience the benefits of Pilates Reformer in our Integrated Rehabilitation Centre. Our specialised equipment enhances strength and coordination, providing a dynamic workout experience.

Be Supported by our Specialist Clinicians

The reformer is designed to meet the needs of everyone, whether you’re an experienced Pilates enthusiast or a beginner looking to improve their core strength. Whatever your skill level, you can benefit from our expert team who provide guidance on how to get the most from your workout.

Book 1:1 with our experienced sports rehabilitators and physiotherapists, to use the reformer in our state of the art Integrated Rehabilitation Centre.

Our align reformer allows you to perform a variety of exercises that are targeted at different trouble areas, including arms, legs, back, and abs. It also provides helpful features like adjustable resistance, adjustable foot-bar and pulleys.

Align-Pilates equipment

Prices & How to Book

1-2-1 session: £50

Book a 1-hr 1-2-1 session with our highly qualified Sports Rehabilitator.

Your first session includes a comprehensive review of your current and past medical history, discussion of exercise goals, hands-on guidance on using the machine, and a curated set of exercises tailored to your needs.

Conducted in our state-of-the-art Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, this session ensures you start your Pilates Reformer journey with the knowledge and confidence you need to get the most out of your workout.

To book your session please complete an exercise screening form online or pick up a paper copy from reception (clinic or IRC).

Additional Services

Browse our range of services at your disposal, from exercise classes to 1-2-1 sessions with our highly qualified team and even performance testing to take your sport or performance to the next level.

close up of woman on a yoga mat doing stretches

Clinician-led mat Pilates run by our highly experienced physiotherapists and sports rehabilitators. Come to our weekly group sessions or book 1-2-1. Suitable for people of all fitness levels and abilities, you will be guided through a series of exercises that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Young male athlete being tested in the human performance centre

Work with our specialists and set targets tailored to you and your goals. Gain access to elite level equipment and expertise designed to help make improvements in your sport or performance. We provide comprehensive sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services, as well as expert performance analysis services aimed at helping you improve your sport or performance.

Physiotherapist crouched down looking intently up at patient on a physio bed, assessing her knee/leg

Visit our highly qualified physiotherapy team for care across a wide range of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. We specialise in helping people move forward with their care by providing an authentic, honest first assessment or second opinion on your health.

person holding their foot with red light overlaid to show pain location

Our Podiatry clinic offers a comprehensive range of services and treatments to promote optimal foot and ankle health. Our expert podiatrists are dedicated to addressing a wide array of foot-related concerns, from routine care to specialised treatments for high-risk patients.

Over the shoulder shot of male chiropractor in consultation with patient. The chiropractor has a jolly smile and clasps his hands together in a warm friendly manner

Affordable musculoskeletal assessment, diagnosis and treatment in one of Europe’s largest Chiropractic Clinics. See one of our placement chiropractic students, or GCC registered chiropractors for an authentic, honest first assessment or second opinion on your health.

Physiotherapist massaging young woman

Our Sports Massage Therapy services can be a vital component of your healthy lifestyle. With our team of skilled therapists and a sports-focused approach, we aim to provide a personalised experience that targets your specific needs, leaving you revitalised and primed for peak performance.

Get Started Today

Embark on your fitness and rehabilitation journey with our equipment hire services. Contact our clinic reception to learn more and book your equipment hire sessions.

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