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AlterG® AntiGravity Treadmill

The AlterG® AntiGravity Treadmill allows you to walk or run with reduced body weight, minimising strain on your joints and muscles. Ideal if you’re recovering from lower limb injuries, or undergoing neurological rehabilitation.

patient using the Anti-Gravity treadmill
young patient using the AntiGravity Treadmill under the supervision of her clinician

What is an Alter G?

The AlterG is an antigravity treadmill that is used to help people get back to walking or running during their rehabilitation.

The Alter G treadmill inflates from the waist down giving you a weightless feeling as you walk or run with as little as 20% of your bodyweight.

By reducing your bodyweight, you are able to comfortably walk or run where you may have not been able to previously.

The AlterG can be used by anyone from top level athletes who are recovering from injuries, to those looking to lose weight, to geriatric, paediatric, neurological patients and everyone in between.

patients and their neurological physiotherapist posing next to Anti-Gravity treadmill

Who can benefit from AlterG?

  • Athletes: Use the AlterG for training purposes, to improve performance, increase endurance, and reduce the risk of injury by minimising impact.
  • Physical therapy: Individuals recovering from lower body injuries or surgeries, such as knee replacements, ACL repairs, or ankle injuries, can use the AlterG treadmill as part of their rehabilitation program. The treadmill allows you to gradually reintroduce weight-bearing activities without putting too much stress on the injured area.
  • Seniors: Older adults who may have mobility issues or joint pain can use the AlterG treadmill to stay active without putting excessive strain on their bodies.
  • Weight management: Benefit from the reduced impact of walking or running on the AlterG treadmill, making it easier for you to exercise and improve cardiovascular health without putting too much stress on their joints.
  • Neurological patients: Individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease may benefit from using the AlterG treadmill as part of their rehabilitation to improve gait, balance, and mobility.
clinician with her patient using the Alter G treadmill

Prices & How to Book

To book you will need to have had an assessment from one of our trained staff. You can then book Alter-G for 30 minutes at a time:

  • Supervised Session – £30
  • Unsupervised Session – £20 (must have had a supervised session before using independently)
  • Block of x6 unsupervised sessions – £100

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