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Clinical Reflection on our New Balance Guide

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Falls are an important cause of morbidity and mortality. The percentage of older adults likely to report falling increases with age: 26% among 65-74, 29% 75-84 and 36% 85 and over.

It is generally accepted that falling in the older person is due to a range of factors.

These factors range from cognitive impairment, musculoskeletal conditions and pain, visual changes, medications, sarcopenia, and gait/balance disorders. Risk is raised due to environmental and social factors.

MSK and Balance Support 

Treatments and strategies to improve these factors can be supported by musculoskeletal and balance support. Balance, for example, is a complex relationship between systems to ensure rapid and appropriate reaction times to perturbations. It is known there are natural age-related changes to two-point discrimination, muscle spindle activity, proprioception, and vibration sense.

When adding these factors to sarcopenia, fear, and potentially MSK pain and loss of capability, the individual requires targeted rehabilitation to reduce the risk.

This is where certain approaches can be helpful. Here at AECC University College, we are running two programmes addressing strength and balance. We have produced a balance guide to support our patients and community, and we are delighted to share this through Clinical Insight today.

Highlights of the Guide Include:

  • Understanding Balance: Learn about the different aspects of balance essential for daily life and fall prevention.
  • Improving Balance: Discover specific activities and exercises to enhance strength, flexibility, and stability.
  • Tips for Fall Prevention: Identify potential risk factors and implement preventive measures in your daily routine.
  • What to Do if You Fall: The guide also features step-by-step instructions on how to get up safely after a fall.

“Fall Proof” can be downloaded for free.

Download “Fall Proof”

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