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Balance Guide Aims to Reduce Risk of Falls and Alleviate NHS Strain

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AECC University College is pleased to announce the launch of “Fall Proof – Your Guide to Balance & Falls Prevention” a comprehensive educational resource designed to assist individuals in preventing falls and promoting overall health and well-being while also alleviating the strain on NHS resources.

Falls among older adults are a serious concern, often resulting in injuries and decreased quality of life. Furthermore, falls can have a significant financial impact on the NHS, with costly surgeries and medical interventions often required to address resulting injuries.

Falls are estimated to cost the NHS more than £2.3 billion per year[1], while the total cost of fragility fractures to the UK is estimated to be around £4.4 billion annually. Hip fractures alone account for 1.8 million hospital bed days and £1.1 billion in hospital costs every year, excluding the high cost of social care. [2]

By equipping individuals with practical strategies for falls prevention and promoting overall well-being, “Fall Proof” not only seeks to reduce the incidence of falls but also to alleviate the strain on NHS resources.

Developed by specialists from AECC UC’s Clinical & Rehabilitation Services team, “Fall Proof” takes a proactive approach to health education and empowerment, outlining the latest guidelines on falls prevention and provides practical strategies and valuable insights into balance, strength, and flexibility.

Highlights of the Guide Include:

  • Understanding Balance: Learn about the different aspects of balance essential for daily life and fall prevention.
  • Tips for Fall Prevention: Identify potential risk factors and implement preventive measures in your daily routine.
  • Improving Balance: Discover specific activities and exercises to enhance strength, flexibility, and stability.
  • What to Do if You Fall: The guide also features step-by-step instructions on how to get up safely after a fall.

Katie Bright, Clinical Lead for Longterm Conditions and Neurology, said:

“With our ‘Fall Proof’ guide, we hope to equip people with the tools they need to live confident, healthy and independent lives. We understand that experiencing a fall, or a similar setback, can really impact negatively on an individual’s confidence and cause concern for loved ones. We wanted to create a guide that would help increase people’s confidence and build up their strength and resilience.

“We encourage everyone, especially older adults and their caregivers, to take advantage of this valuable resource.”

Dr. Neil Langridge, Director of Clinical & Rehabilitation Services at AECC UC, said:

“We believe that empowering individuals with knowledge and resources is essential for promoting pro-active preventative health. We are committed to moving individuals forward in their care and part of this is giving them the information and guidance they need to maintain their health. By focusing on education and preventative measures, such as those outlined in this guide, we aim to reduce the incidence of falls and minimise the burden on our healthcare system.”

“Fall Proof” can be downloaded for free.

Download “Fall Proof”

Balance Classes at AECC UC

In addition to the guide, AECC UC offers comprehensive Neurological Rehabilitation Services and Balance Classes designed to improve confidence, balance, and stability.

For those seeking professional support to improve balance and prevent falls, AECC UC’s Neurological Rehabilitation services offer expert assessment, diagnosis, and treatment tailored to individual needs. The Balance Classes provides guidance through gentle exercises designed to improve balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and boosting confidence in daily activities.

Find out about Balance Classes




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