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Lactate Threshold Testing

Discover your lactate threshold to optimise training intensity and endurance performance. Perfect for all athletes, from novices to seasoned competitors, seeking targeted training insights.

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What is Lactate Threshold Testing?

Lactate Threshold Testing is a specialised physiological assessment designed to determine the point at which lactate begins to accumulate in the bloodstream during exercise. This threshold is a crucial marker for endurance athletes as it signifies the intensity at which the body transitions from predominantly aerobic to anaerobic energy production.

This test is perfect for established trainers and competitors as well as novices and those looking to engage in targeted training, such as “zone-2” and threshold training.

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Benefits of Lactate Threshold Testing

  • Optimised Training Intensity: Determine precise training zones based on lactate threshold, maximising training effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Endurance Performance: Tailored training programs help improve endurance and performance potential.
  • Personalised Training Zones: Receive customised heart rate and pace/wattage-based training zones for targeted training sessions.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of aerobic and anaerobic thresholds to inform training strategies and race pacing.
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What To Expect From The Test

During the test, participants engage in running, cycling, rowing, or skiing intervals at increasing intensities while key metrics such as heart rate, perceived effort, and blood lactate levels are monitored.

After each stage, heart rate, effort and blood lactate are measured until the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds have been identified.

After the test you will receive your data along with bespoke heart rate and pace/wattage-based training zones.

By pinpointing the lactate threshold, athletes gain invaluable insights into their optimal training zones, enabling targeted and efficient training programs tailored to individual physiology.

Services & How to Book

Discover your lactate threshold to optimise training intensity and endurance performance.

Perfect for athletes of all levels seeking targeted training insights and performance optimization.

  • Price: £120
  • Duration: 45-60 mins

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Take your performance analysis to the next level with a combined Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max assessment.

This package will give you the most comprehensive understanding of your exercise capacity, physiological limits and how best to improve your training.

  • Price: £160
  • Duration: 90 mins

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