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June and Hilary’s Story – Neighbours Who Share Lifts to our Exercise Classes

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June Morris and Hilary Tice are next-door neighbours, who share a lift to our Integrated Rehabilitation Centre once a week to take part in our Everyday Fitness class.

We caught up with them after class recently to find out more about how they find the session, and what their experience of AECC University College has been like.

Hilary has been receiving Chiropractic treatment at AECC University College for the past six years. She says: “June suggested that I come to the University College for Chiropractic treatment as I was having issues with my back. I got fed up with taking more and more painkillers.

“We both initially started coming for treatment and the exercise classes came later.

“Coming to a class each week keeps you ticking over. When we’ve missed the odd class, we’ve felt it the next time we’ve come. That continuity each week is really important.

“Since the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre has been built, we’ve had access to the machines in the gym during the class and that has been fantastic. The class sizes are small and that’s nice too.

“Everyone is so friendly and everybody chats to everybody; it’s nice from that point of view. You don’t feel awkward – even down to the reception staff. It makes the experience so much nicer. If we don’t do it, we miss it.

“Everyone completes a medical form before they join the class, so Tish knows what we can and can’t do. She’ll give people modified exercises that will suit them.

“My shoulder was sore today, so I did a different version of the exercise. You feel you’re being looked after and that you’re not going to strain anything that you shouldn’t. You don’t get that everywhere or you get told ‘just do what you can.’”

June has been receiving Chiropractic treatment at the University College for the past eight years.

She explains: “I started coming for treatment and after a while, the Student Chiropractor that I was seeing said she thought the exercise classes would do me good. I was initially having trouble with my shoulder.

“I come in about once a month now. It’s usually for my shoulder, but the Chiropractors can also look at any additional complaints that you might be experiencing. If I need to come more often, I just book more in between.

“Hilary and I don’t live far away and we share a lift in. I drive because I’m a terrible passenger!

“I’ve always enjoyed being active. I used to go to my local fitness centre, even when my children were small. This gives Hilary and I a great opportunity to socialise together.”

You can find out more about our Everyday Fitness classes here.

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