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How Gila’s Shoulder Pain Was Relieved Through Guided Steroid Injection Service

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Young Woman having ultrasound scan on shoulder

Gila Rose recently visited Clinical and Rehabilitation Services at AECC University College for a steroid injection, using ultrasound for precision and targeted treatment.

Gila experienced a shoulder injury whilst playing tennis a few years ago and was in a lot of pain. She had various treatments, but it never really resolved. Gila was recommended to have an ultrasound guided injection by her physiotherapist.

Gila tells us more about her experience:

“I was in a lot of pain with my shoulder injury. I had physiotherapy treatment, an X-ray and an MRI scan, but it never got better. I also went to my doctor for injections. They weren’t able to guide the injections and only injected it in the general direction. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always successful.

“I went to a physiotherapist, who had trained at AECC UC. She had heard that there was a new service at AECC UC for a scan-guided injection. As it was so painful, I thought I should get this done properly and also get rid of the calcium which was deposited in my shoulder. So I made an appointment and came to see the consultant.”

Before the Injection

“My sister in South Africa had had exactly the same treatment about two years ago. She said it was incredibly sore, so I was very apprehensive. I called the AECC UC to book the appointment. I used my savings to pay for it, although it was not too expensive. A few friends have had a similar problem and paid thousands. I didn’t pay anything like that!”

Getting the Treatment

“The team are lovely at the AECC UC Clinic and are exceptionally helpful. They are very informative, warm and welcoming.

“The consultant is very friendly and competent. He told me what he was going to do; he was very clear and the explanations were good. He answered my queries properly and respectfully.

“Firstly, he scanned the shoulder with the ultrasound machine. He saw exactly what the problem was, showed it to me on the screen and explained it. Then he injected the local anaesthetic. It didn’t take long to work.

“Then he did another injection to get rid of the calcium, which he said could be painful. In my case, it dissipated quite quickly. I could feel it, but it wasn’t painful in any way. He then injected the steroid medication into the bursa, which can be painful. It was a little sore, but as he had the ultrasound machine to guide him, he was able to see exactly where he was putting the injection and how it was going into the muscle.

“It really was very, very successful.”

Confidence for the Future

“I haven’t had any pain since the injection – it’s wonderful! I went swimming the other day. I am normally quite careful, although after the injection, I thought I would give the backstroke a go, as I haven’t done this in years. I did marvellously and went zooming across the pool!

“If anyone else is in the same position, I would say to them: go and see this consultant! The service that I have had at the clinic was excellent. It is highly professional, including the training that they give the pupils, and the staff based there.

“It’s just a very positive environment. At other places I have been, the staff haven’t been very helpful or friendly. The warmth and professionalism is excellent at the AECC UC.”

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