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AECC UC Adds Orthotics to its Roster of Clinical & Rehabilitation Services

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We are pleased to announce a new partnership between AECC University College and Enhance Orthotics, a leading orthotics provider based in Dorchester. This collaboration marks a significant expansion of our clinical and rehabilitation services, ensuring our patients have access to a broader range of specialised care.

Beginning June 2024, Enhance Orthotics will offer services from the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre at AECC UC, with Matt Pearson, a highly skilled and experienced orthotist, providing personalised care to patients two afternoons a month.

Improved Care for Patients

The integration of orthotics into our existing services will greatly benefit our patients, particularly those needing custom orthotics for pain management and rehabilitation with conditions including osteoarthritis, foot and ankle pain, and neurological injuries such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and more. This partnership allows us to provide a more holistic approach to patient care, addressing individual needs with precision and expertise.

Matt Pearson, Senior Orthotist and founder of Enhance Orthotics, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership: “I am excited to bring my expertise in orthotics to AECC UC. Our values in providing multidisciplinary care and improving patient outcomes perfectly align and I hope this partnership will enable us to provide more tailored solutions to patients, helping them live pain-free and regain mobility.”

A Holistic Approach to Rehabilitation

At AECC UC, our focus is to provide a sense of “wrapped-up care” with the patient at the centre of our wide range of multidisciplinary clinical, rehabilitation, and diagnostic services. The inclusion of orthotics is a natural extension of our offer, complementing our promise to find the right pathway to help people improve their everyday lives.

Dr. Neil Langridge, Director of Clinical & Rehabilitation Services at AECC UC, highlights the strategic importance of this partnership: “At AECC UC, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to our patients. The collaboration with Enhance Orthotics perfectly aligns with our commitment to excellence and compassion. Together, we hope to enhance patient outcomes and improve lives.”

Looking Ahead

This partnership with Enhance Orthotics is just one example of our ongoing efforts to enhance patient care through collaboration and innovation. We look forward to seeing the positive outcomes from this new service and continuing to meet the diverse needs of our community with excellence and compassion.

For more information about the orthotic services available at AECC UC please visit our Orthotics Page.

To book an appointments please contact Enhance Orthotics.

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